Our Story

My name is Haley and my husband is Tre, we started Southern Pines Custom Chicken Coops back in 2021. I begged my husband to build me a chicken coop for about a year and he finally did for my birthday. We got so much attention toward our coop, that they said we should start building them and selling them! So we did... and everything else is history.

Chickens are a huge passion of mine - I truly enjoy tending to my hens, collecting different breeds and breeding my chickens for their pretty egg colors. Anxiety and depression have been a battle of mine my entire life, and animals have helped to heal me. Just like everyone else, we have a story that has many bumps in the road, without trusting God's plan for my life, putting my trust in Jesus and having my animals to help out I am not sure what my path would ahve been

Along with tending chickens, my husband and I truly love wood working and designing beautiful things from the ground up. It has fulfilled us more than we ever thought. Helping others bring their vision to life brings us great joy. Our main goal is to build something that will last for years and years to come for the whole family to enjoy. Some of the coops on the market nowadays are not safe, are too crowded and fall apart within a year. Our mission is to build coops that alast and keep your fluffy friends safe. We're so glad you're here and thankful you found us.


- Haley Founder/CEO