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J-Ville Chicken Coop

J-Ville Chicken Coop

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The J-Ville Chicken Coop houses 6-10 chickens. Heard of chicken math? We got you covered with this one. This coop still fits comfortably in a residential backyard but allows for a few more than the city limit of 5 (be sure to check your location for limitations).

Being a Floridian and being born and raised in Jacksonville, FL we clearly had to name a coop after our home town. 

The J-Ville Coop offers a 4-Gang Egg Hutch with a drop down door for easy cleaning. All of our coops come standard with 6-8" of deep litter area in the hen house. We put a pressure treated bracket behind the door to keep bedding in until its time for cleaning. We only use the top materials to build our coops i.e. LP Smart Siding (50 yr), hand selected materials and wood, galvalume metal roofing and rust resistant black hardware. We use a high quality exterior paint on all of our coops along with a sealed stained accents if you have them. We recommend adding laminate flooring, PVC Feeders, a chicken watering system and an automatic chicken door to every coop we sell. Please see our add-ons tab to get the extras you need to be a successful chicken owner! 

 - Houses 6-10 Chickens

- Henhouse 5' X 6'

- Run 5' X 12' 

- Walk in Run

No refunds

The Customer will be assumed to have accepted the Goods unconditionally. Each chicken coop/custom animal enclosure built is specific to that customer. Goods are not eligible for a refund due to the nature of the product. Southern Pines Outfitters LLC will do our best to ensure the product is up to our standard and will decide if the item described as defective will be fixed by us at zero cost or a service fee. We want to ensure our customers are satisfied but it is our digression on what we will be willing to replace or fix on any chicken coop we build. The only time will will process a refund is if a customer wants to take away from their coop and make is smaller or modify it. 

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