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Duuuval Chicken Coop & Run

Duuuval Chicken Coop & Run

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The Duuuval Chicken Coop was made for the residential backyard. In times like these, its always good to be prepared. Having chickens is not only an awesome experience with the proper set up but allows for benefits with daily eggs i.e. pets with benefits ;)

The Duuuval Coop offers a 4-Gang Egg Hutch with a drop down door for easy cleaning. All of our coops come standard with 6-8" of deep litter area in the coop. We put a pressure treated bracket behind the door to keep bedding inside until its time to clean.

We only use the best materials to build our coops i.e. LP Smart Siding (50 yr), hand selected materials and Douglas Fir, 29 Gauge Galvalume Metal Roofing and rust resistant black hardware. We use a high quality exterior paint (Sherwin Williams) on all of our coops along with sealed, stained accents if you have them.

We recommend adding laminate flooring, the Coop Worx Feed Silo, The Chicken Watering System and an Automatic Chicken Door to every coop we sell. Please see our add-ons tab to get the extras you need to be a successful chicken owner! (These add ons will only be added to cart if you physically add them)

We are located in Jacksonville, FL. If you order a coop and need it delivered we will have to send you a separate invoice for delivery fee. You may pickup your chicken coop for no added fee.

Current lead times are 6-10 weeks 

- 4X5 Houses 4-5 Chickens without free range ability and 6-10 with free range ability.

- Run Options include: 5X12, 5X15, 5X18

-Gable Roof from Henhouse to End of Run (continuous)

- 1/2"X1/2" 19 Gauge Black PVC Coated Hardware cloth 

- Comes Unpainted (unless paint is added above in drop down)

- Walk in Run 6' Tall 

- One Functional Window 

-Roosting Ladder that hooks above so you can easily clean your coop

-Carabiners included to keep predators from opening doors and windows

-Chicken Ladder Included


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