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Southern Pines Custom Coops

Homesteader Coop

Homesteader Coop

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Our Homesteader Chicken Coop is an ideal solution for a small farm. It is designed to house up to 8-12 chickens and provides ample space and ventilation for their comfort and health. Constructed from durable, rot-resistant wood, the chicken coop provides a solid and secure enclosure, protecting your chickens from predators and the elements. Its sloped roof and elevated foundation prevents moisture build-up, ensuring your chickens stay dry and are comfortable. 

- 6' X 6' Henhouse

- 6' X 18' Run

- 5-Gang Egg Hutch 

-Peaked Gable Roof from Henhouse to end of Run

- Walk in Run

- Two Functional Windows

One Egg Hutch is included but adding a second is considered an add-on and you would have to add that additionally to your cart at checkout.

If you purchase one of our chicken coops and are not local to Jacksonville, FL delivery is usually calculated at $3 per mile, but please contact us if you have any concerns with delivery.


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