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Southern Pines Custom Coops

The Duuuval Coop with Slanted Roof over Run

The Duuuval Coop with Slanted Roof over Run

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This coop is the best bang for your buck, if you're just looking for something simple but still looks nice. Its size makes it suitable for up to 6-10 chickens depending on size of run and free range ability. We recommend 2-4 sq ft per chicken in the henhouse and 10 sq ft minimum per chicken if confined to the run all day. 

The henhouse is 4' X 5' with run options 5X12,5X15 & 5X18. 

Comes unpainted unless paint colors are selected.

Upon order, we will reach out and nail down specifics of your coop. We will also invoice separately for delivery. Local deliveries with little to no set up are usually $75-$150. For further distances the fee will increase.

All of our coops have a pressure treated base with anything that makes ground contact. Everything else is sealed with exterior SW paint unless an unpainted coop is purchased. We recommend painting asap to ensure the longevity of the coop. We use 19 guage black pvc coated hardware cloth and our coops come standard with LP smartside (T1-11 upon request).


Current lead times are 6-10 weeks. 

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